Why Everyone Should Try Nature Photography at Least Once in Their Lives

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Why Everyone Should Try Nature Photography at Least Once in Their Lives

Arie Eric De Jong nature photography

Veteran photographer Arie Eric De Jong believes there’s no adventure quite like an adventure in nature.  This is why the genre of nature photography is very close to his heart.  Nature photographers get to see the best of what the natural world has to offer.  From breathtaking landscapes and the clearest bodies of water to the once-in-a-lifetime experience of observing wildlife in their natural habitat, there are countless things to love about nature, enthuses Arie Eric De Jong.

In addition to all of that, nature photography holds its own set of amazing benefits.  For today, Arie Eric De Jong shares these benefits and explains why everyone should try nature photography at least once in their lives.

Nature photography and mental health

Anyone who works their butts off in the city with a regular job maybe at an office will tell you that the city and the job, aside from the constant hustle and bustle, all have a way of depleting a person’s energy.  Even if they stay fit and eat healthy, and do all the things they can to keep their energy levels up, the repetitive and mundane everyday routine gets to people at some point and, of course, so does the constant stress.

Nature photography provides a much-welcome reprieve from all the stresses of the urban jungle as it surrounds photographers with beauty from all angles.  The serene atmosphere puts a person at ease as well.  This is enough to recharge a person’s batteries before he or she returns to his or her everyday life, Arie Eric De Jong adds.

Nature photography and physical health

While mental and physical health is related, Arie Eric De Jong says that for the purposes of this blog, he separates the two.  After all, the physical benefits of being in the great outdoors are pretty distinct to one’s physical health and are undeniable. 

Arie Eric De Jong mentions that probably the most obvious benefit of nature photography to the body is that photographers get to stay in a place where the air is clean, which is great for the lungs and for oxygen circulation.

All the hiking, walking, climbing, and trekking that nature photographers do also does wonders for their cardiovascular system.  It also tones muscles and adds to a nature photographer’s overall strength, Arie Eric De Jong explains.