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Photography Corner: What to Expect

Arie Eric De Jong is passionate about photography.  In fact, even amid the global health crisis, he has never stopped taking pictures of the most interesting subjects. During his free time, when not working with his camera, he is writing a series of blogs where he shares tips, stories, and other useful information on photography that will help young photographers everywhere improve on their craft.

On this site, readers who are into photography will be treated to many fascinating topics.

Visitors will read about the exciting and challenging world of sports photography.  Arie Eric De Jong looks at the challenges of the thrilling genre, as well as some of the essential equipment for shooting during a sporting event.  He will also be touching on some technical details of taking pictures of athletes in motion, such as camera settings, lighting, vantage points, and getting the most out of the event.

Next up, there will blogs on nature photography, specifically on essential equipment that nature photographers always bring with them during shoots.  Arie Eric De Jong will explore both camera-centric gear and hiking gear.  For the camera gear, readers will discover that there are more important items to bring than just their usual equipment, such as tripods, extra memory cards, additional batteries, and more.  For hiking gear, Arie Eric De Jong lists down some of the essential equipment people need while shooting in the great outdoors, such as proper clothing, a sturdy backpack, a first-aid kit, and the like.

Arie Eric De Jong will also be blogging about nature and wildlife photography. He will discuss not just the best practices in getting the most stunning nature shots but also list some of the most important things photographers should remember to stay safe while capturing the beauty of the great outdoors.

Arie Eric De Jong will also be writing what he feels is a rather important topic – photography during the time of crisis.  With the world’s current state, Arie Eric De Jong will write about just how important photography has become these days, especially with the pandemic affecting everyone.  He will share some of the best mental and physical benefits of photography with readers, as well as the opportunity the pandemic has given to photographers to document the world in a way nobody ever has before.