Pandemic Photography: All the Reasons to Photograph the World Today

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Pandemic Photography: All the Reasons to Photograph the World Today

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Arie Eric De Jong is a photographer who has been incredibly busy over the past few months.  Besides capturing the world with his camera, he has been writing a series of blogs on photography.

For today’s blog, Arie Eric De Jong shares important reasons for photographing the world today. 

1. A safe adventure: The world today has been proven to be a lot more dangerous with the coronavirus and people always in contact with one another.  Studies show that the virus is easily transmitted in large groups of people.  Photography, however, is a solo endeavor.  As long as one wears a mask and practice social distancing, there’s minimal risk of infection when going out and taking some snapshots.

2. A different world: The world has eased up a bit, but it is still nowhere near back to normal.  Everywhere people go, they are encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing.  Some public places are still ghost towns.  Many stores and businesses have closed.  It presents an opportunity for photographers to snap pictures of an eerily quiet street that used to be bustling with activity.  It is a different world indeed, and Arie Eric De Jong notes that it is worth documenting through images.

3. A stunning comparison: Still on the topic of the world taking on a rather unfamiliar form, Arie Eric De Jong believes that documenting what people see nowadays and comparing it with images from a year ago will yield stunning results.  And this isn’t just for shock value.  In fact, there are a lot of things people can learn and discover from the comparison.  There will be no better time to do this.

4. A healthy endeavor: Photography allows a person to go out and take pictures of areas they haven’t been to in probably months while observing safety protocols such as wearing a face mask and social distancing. It’s a chance for people who have lived sedentary lives the past few months to stretch their legs and get their heart pumping and blood flowing.

5. A renewed appreciation:  Finally, Arie Eric De Jong explains that going out after being cooped up at home for months provides people with a renewed appreciation for all things they might have ignored or taken for granted, such a beautiful old building, a colorful playground, and the like.