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What You’ll Need for an Outdoor Adventure

Photographer Arie Eric De Jong has made himself busy over the past few months by writing a series of blogs on photography that he plans to release and share with readers everywhere.  He will talk about several tips and tricks that he has learned in his many years of being a photographer on these blogs.

For this blog, Arie Eric De Jong focuses on the great outdoors, specifically nature photography.  While countless photographers have fallen in love with this genre of photography, Arie Eric De Jong explains that to enjoy it and have a degree of success, one has to fully prepare for an outdoor adventure as much as a photoshoot.

On that note, here are some of the things that photographers need to bring with them on a nature shoot.

1. Camera

While there are many cameras to choose from, Arie Eric De Jong has always mentioned that anything less than a DSLR camera won’t do.  Investing in a good DSLR camera from Canon or Nikon is a great way to start.  Photographers also have to make sure their cameras are weatherproofed before heading out.

2. Lenses

High-end zoom lenses are also a must since some subjects in nature cannot be photographed up close.  Some subjects such as wildlife or mountain peaks can only be shot from a distance.  Zoom lens quality has to be top-notch to capture the best, crisp images.

3. Shutter release

In line with having wildlife as subjects, the shutter release is important.  This allows nature photographers to stay at a safe distance and avoid disturbing these animals while they go about in their natural habitat.

4. Tripod

Arie Eric De Jong explains that in many nature preserves, the winds may be a bit strong.  This can lead to blurred images.  Tripods help keep a camera steady and minimize the blurring.

5. Weatherproof bag

Moisture can ruin a camera, memory cards, and other electronic equipment.  A weatherproof bag can help keep these and other photography equipment and accessories safe and dry.

6. Hiking essentials

Arie Eric De Jong mentions that when people go on a nature shoot, they don’t just go on a nature shoot; they’re essentially going on a nature hike. With this in mind, nature photographers should always pack for a hike. They should bring stuff like a sturdy backpack, proper clothing and footwear, a first aid kit, food and water, a map and a compass, and more.