Important Pointers for Travel Photography

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Important Pointers for Travel Photography

Arie Eric De Jong travel photography

Arie Eric De Jong is a photographer who specializes in several genres of photography.  What started as a hobby has blossomed into a passion and he spends most, if not all, his free time taking pictures of some of the most interesting subjects. 

Even during the current global health crisis, Arie Eric De Jong has still kept himself busy with photography, documenting the “new normal” as everyone calls it by taking pictures of a world that is hardly recognizable.  He has also started writing and releasing a series of blogs for readers everywhere as well as for young shutterbugs who plan to start on their own photography journey once the pandemic ends.

For today, Arie Eric De Jong hits two birds with one stone as he tackles the extremely enjoyable genre of travel photography and he gives important reminders, tips, and hacks for those interested in the endeavor.

Remember why the place is special.

One of the biggest pitfalls of many travelers, Arie Eric De Jong laments, is that they fail to remember why the places they visit on a trip are special.  Instead of admiring the natural or man-made wonders, or the historical monuments, or the unique attractions of the area, they are more preoccupied with their own presence in the area and end up taking selfies, blocking anything that makes the place special.

Appreciate the culture.

Arie Eric De Jong mentions that some of the best subjects when traveling to a foreign country aren’t the places but the aspects of culture.  Every place has something unique which gives it its character.  The best examples can be seen during festivals.  For example, in Japan, it’s the “Hanami” festival or the Cherry Blossom festival.  During this time of the year, there are cultural events all over the country which are worth documenting through photography.

Put some focus on humanity.

Just like the historical monuments and localized culture, the people of a place are unique to that place. Arie Eric De Jong mentions that the best travel photographers know the value of pictures with locals of an area.  Whether it’s fisherfolk from a fishing village, farmers, children from a neighborhood, local athletes playing community-league games, or fire fighters or police, people in one’s travel photographs add a humanizing nature to the images, which can help break the monotony if most pictures are all still-life, Arie Eric De Jong adds.