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Welcome to Arie Eric De Jong’s Photography Corner

Arie Eric De Jong is a veteran photographer who loves to share what he knows about photography to readers everywhere. Over the past few months, he kept himself busy writing a series of blogs, which he will be releasing soon. 

Arie Eric De Jong loves all kinds of photography techniques and genres. He loves to use any camera, from digital SLRs to film cameras to phone cameras.  If there’s a camera he can use, be rest assured, he’ll use it. His blogs will revolve around photography, the techniques and genres, essential camera accessories, DIY, and other tips that could help young photographers improve. 

As the site’s name suggests, Arie Eric De Jong will be blogging about all things photography and some supplementary activities and hobbies.

Arie Eric De Jong will share what he knows about photography genres, such as sports photography, nature and wildlife photography, portrait photography, and more. He will tackle some of the best practices from these genres to get the most stunning images, as well as the pitfalls young photographers commonly fall into and how to avoid these mistakes.

Moreover, Arie Eric De Jong will be sharing some of the essential gears that he uses for the different genres of photography and the other camera accessories that he brings during a shoot.  He will also be explaining how different genres require different equipment.

Arie Eric De Jong will also be blogging about some of the best places to practice photography. He will also share some of the best tips for taking care of the camera and its various accessories.

Some blogs will be a bit detailed and geared for more advanced hobbyists, as Arie Eric De Jong will be expounding on the more technical aspect of photography. He will share his knowledge on camera settings, including shutter settings, lighting settings, and more. He will also be tackling how to use natural light and manipulate the shoot for monochrome photography. There will also be blogs that discuss post-production and editing techniques.

Expect articles for all kinds of photographers.  And whether you are a novice or veteran, there will be something to learn here – Arie Eric De Jong guarantees it.