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A Few Important Reminders for Sports Photography

Veteran photographer Arie Eric De Jong mentions that beyond knowing the essential skills and techniques in sports photography and figuring out where to position themselves during sporting events, photographers must also learn proper etiquette at the venue as a sign of respect for the participants, the fans, and the sport itself. On that note, Arie…
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Arie Eric De Jong travel photography

Important Pointers for Travel Photography

Arie Eric De Jong is a photographer who specializes in several genres of photography.  What started as a hobby has blossomed into a passion and he spends most, if not all, his free time taking pictures of some of the most interesting subjects.  Even during the current global health crisis, Arie Eric De Jong has…
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Arie Eric De Jong nature photography

Why Everyone Should Try Nature Photography at Least Once in Their Lives

Veteran photographer Arie Eric De Jong believes there‚Äôs no adventure quite like an adventure in nature.  This is why the genre of nature photography is very close to his heart.  Nature photographers get to see the best of what the natural world has to offer.  From breathtaking landscapes and the clearest bodies of water to…
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Arie Eric De Jong photography blog

Pandemic Photography: All the Reasons to Photograph the World Today

Arie Eric De Jong is a photographer who has been incredibly busy over the past few months.  Besides capturing the world with his camera, he has been writing a series of blogs on photography. For today’s blog, Arie Eric De Jong shares important reasons for photographing the world today.  1. A safe adventure: The world today…
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