A Few Important Reminders for Sports Photography

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A Few Important Reminders for Sports Photography

Veteran photographer Arie Eric De Jong mentions that beyond knowing the essential skills and techniques in sports photography and figuring out where to position themselves during sporting events, photographers must also learn proper etiquette at the venue as a sign of respect for the participants, the fans, and the sport itself.

On that note, Arie Eric De Jong lists down some important reminders for people who are new to the genre of sports photography.

1. Never get in the way of the game.

Arie Eric De Jong explains that sometimes because of eagerness, some sports photographers get too-close to the action and become obstructions to players, referees, or coaches.  In sports such as basketball and football, and sometimes even combat sports in a ring, photographers may have their cameras in the way of the game.  This isn’t only disrespectful to the sport, it’s also dangerous for both the participants and the photographers.

2. Stay in the background.

Similar to the first item, Arie Eric De Jong explains that sports photographers should never be a distraction to competitors, officials, and fans.  There are times when photographers need to maneuver themselves to get the best vantage points of the action, but Arie Eric De Jong reminds everyone that the best vantage point includes how much they can stay out of everyone’s way and line of sight.

3. Turn the flash off.

Connected to the second item, a lot of sports events strictly prohibit flash photography.  This is because the flash can be one of the worst distractions in a game. The blinding flash may even pose a danger to athletes who are in the middle of a movement.  To compensate for this, sports photographers should know the optimum camera settings for different venues with different light conditions.

4. Respect fellow photographers.

While every sports photographer present at a sporting event is jostling to look for that perfect vantage point, Arie Eric De Jong explains that there exists an unspoken rule that they abide by – which is to respect each other.  When a photographer already has a spot picked out, completely blocking his or her view is a huge no-no. 

Do you think we missed any important rule or reminder?  And what about you?  What other important sports photography etiquette do you think should be included here?  Feel free to share your thoughts with Arie Eric De Jong in the comments section below.