Arie Eric De Jong is a veteran photographer who loves to share his knowledge.

Arie Eric De Jong will share what he knows about photography genres, such as sports photography, nature and wildlife photography, portrait photography, and more.


He will talk about several tips that he has learned in his many years of being a photographer. 

While countless photographers have fallen in love with this genre of photography, Arie explains that to enjoy it and have a degree of success, one has to fully prepare for an outdoor adventure as much as a photoshoot.


Readers who are into photography will be treated to many fascinating topics.

Arie Eric De Jong looks at the challenges of the thrilling genre, as well as some of the essential equipment for shooting during a sporting event. He will also be touching on some technical details of taking pictures of athletes in motion, such as camera settings, lighting, vantage points, and getting the most out of the event.


He shares a list of the most important photography gear for every sports photographer for the full experience. 

Shooting sports events may be overwhelming at times, even for photographers who have experience in other types of photography. The greatest moments of a game, match, or race may happen with the snap of a finger or blink of an eye.

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